Railcam Doncaster Meet - Saturday 1st September 2018
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Our annual meet up at the delightful Draughtsman Alehouse on Doncaster Station, Platform 3b, will be returning again for 2018.

As we did in 2017, we plan to meet up in the Draughtsman from 10:00 onwards, where we will be greeted by our far, far, far, far north admin HighlandChieftain, better known as Dessie.

A brief (wasted) journey was made in to town last year but there is no real plan to repeat that for 2018, we have all the fine ale and company we need right on the platform, with the bonus of being right on the trackside!

For anyone who hasn't visited the Draughtsman before, it is a small (but perfectly formed) alehouse with limited seating inside and also out on the platform, less platform end wibble this year and lets get in there early.

You can find out all you need to know about the Draughtsman at

Please remember this will be a social gathering involving the consumption of (many) alcoholic beverages, so although we do welcome our under 18 members, please remember that we cannot take responsibility for anyone underage trying to purchase alcohol. Feel free to come and meet the Railcam team and enjoy the day as you see fit, nobody is tied down to staying with us all day.

Put the date in your diary, SATURDAY 1st SEPTEMBER 2018. See you there.....