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Long term camera issues: SANQHUAR Cam no longer broadcasting. HORTON S&C and WANSFORD NVR OFFLINE due to building works. PETERBOROUGH & DONCASTER Cams on going Broadband issues. BISHOPS LYDEARD - Broadband issues awaiting attention from WSR's IT contractor.


Our live signalling diagrams are considered by many to be the best available. They are developed, maintained and kept up-to-date by our dedicated team of volunteers, who know a thing or two about railways and signalling, many having worked in the field for many years.

The diagrams offer a level of detail which you won't find elsewhere and are designed specifically to work on mobile devices, combining a compact schematic format with geographic information.


Railcam offers features which popular rivals don't... We have a system whereby our users can share information about sightings. Many trains have loco or unit TOPS numbers as well as information about the train type (freight load etc) and Freight Operating Company.

Search facilities are specifically designed with the rail enthusiast or photographer in mind