Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small text file which is automatically saved on your computer when you visit our website and is used to help track activity across a website. RailCam uses cookies on our website for the following purposes:

Why Railcam needs to use cookies

We use cookies to remember your login as you move from page to page. Without that, you would have to log-in for every page. The login cookie is kept until you exit your browser.

If you use the Keep Me Logged-In option, then the cookie is not deleted when you exit - meaning that you don't need to log-in every time you visit Railcam UK.

Additionally, we use cookies to remember certain settings, such as the dark/light modes in RCData

Our cookies do NOT store any personal data and are never used to track or target adverts (we don't carry adverts!). We never share user data with any other organisation.

Removing / blocking cookies

If you have any concerns about cookies, or want to remove cookies from your computer, please visit All About Cookies which explains how to do this.

* Please note that if you block cookies for Railcam UK, parts of the site will not operate correctly and we can't offer any support in those circumstances.

Collection of personal information

If you contact us via a form on our website your personal information will only be used for us to contact you. If you register as a member, the details you provide us will be used to help us provide the service to you. No personal data you send us will be disclosed to a third party without your permission.

If you wish us to remove any personal details we hold about you, please email us HERE