Internet Security Advice

It is important to be aware of how to protect yourself from scammers, spammers and malicious software (viruses etc).

Here are a few basic steps you should take in order to stay safe on-line


You should not consider any website to be 100% safe. Large companies with huge IT resources (Tesco, TalkTalk, Yahoo, Dropbox, NHS, British Airways, Facebook - and many more) have had their data stolen by the spammers and scammers. Small voluntary groups like Railcam are just as likely to be targetted.

It is therefore vitally is important to have an effective password scheme.

Antivirus & other Internet Securty Software

Any computer which connects to the Internet (for web-access or email), should be adequately protected by a good security package. There are free options out there (AVG / Avast), but it may be worth paying a modest amount to be properly covered.

Scam Emails

Apart from viruses which may steal your data or damage your system, there are also an increasing number of scam emails which :

Some good rules to adopt :

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