You Talked, We Listened.....
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Since the launch of our new website we have encounter a few issues, some within our control and others not, we can only apologise to those of you who have struggled to gain access to over the last week or so. Our small unit of volunteers have been working through mountains of emails and website tweaks, all in their spare time, to make sure everything is back running as smoothly as possible. We must stress that we are still making changes daily and this will continue for the foreseeable future….



So what has been happing since launch day?


Emails, Bloody emails.

We have found out that password reset emails for existing members logging in to the new website have been falling in to spam folders, now this was easy to trace if you log directly in to your webmail account for your daily email usage, but those of you using a different desktop email program (Thunderbird, Outlook etc…) were finding the email was not being forwarded to you from your webmail account (Virgin Media, Sky etc…) as they are set by default not to forward suspected spam on to your desktop program. Many of you were getting caught in this issue and we are some way towards clearing this one up, but we know where to point you to now if you don’t receive the requested email.



Contact Us form.

The contact us form on our website was found to be not forwarding the messages to our admin team, this is something that seems to have fallen apart during the site migration, so those of you that were using the form,  well we are sorry but those messages won’t have reached us. This is now resolved and working correctly. Thos of you emailing us direct at those messages will have got through and hopefully been answered (As mentioned above those, there has been far more emails than our small volunteer team have been able to keep on top of in a swift fashion)


Thanks to contact from Terry Bartlam this morning we have managed to trace this issue and where the auto reply email was coming from.



Coming up tomorrow……

We were also asked about reinstating the ‘Coming up tomorrow on Railcam’ section to our News page, this has now returned and you can plan your days Railcam viewing the day before by going to News then ‘On the Cams - Tomorrow’



Menu resizing.

Some uses on mobile and tablet formats were finding that the cam lists were not fitting on the screen, so you could only select the first few cams. This issue has now been resolved and the menu now automatically resizes to fit all the cams.



Change Camera.

A Change Camera option has been added on the Custom Cam page, so rather than closing down a window to choose a different cam, you can now simply click Chang Camera and use the existing window.



There are many more tweaks and changes happening daily, but if you have any issues that you want to raise with our admin team that haven’t been outlined above the feel free to contact our admin team at