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The brand new home of Railcam is only a matter of days away, and we have a launch date pencilled in for Friday 27th July 2018.


Many hours and £££s have gone into a complete rebuild of the creaking old site, which was built when we had a very small number of cams and not many more members! The new site has been professionally built with a complete rebuild of the ‘back office’ whilst we have tried to keep the general feel of the old page, with a few tweaks and improvements thrown in. We are very proud of what has been produced and we want to thank everyone involved for giving up their time from site builders, Nighthawk Software Ltd, our volunteers and those who have helped us out with testing.


As with anything new there are bound to be the odd glitch along the way, there is always something you don’t find out until you throw open the doors and everyone piles in, so please bear with us while we iron anything out that crops up, our volunteers will be on hand but we are just that, volunteers, and have ‘real’ jobs to be doing as well.


Please Note - On Friday, there may well be some downtime while we switch everything over.





Could all members please ensure your email address associated with Railcam is correct as you will receive an email when we switch over to the new website containing instructions on how to gain access, YOU MUST FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS IN THE EMAIL EXACTLY otherwise you will not be able to access the website. If we do not have a correct email address for you then we will not be able to contact you.


If your registered email address is no longer active, you will need to send us an email to and let us know what email address to change it to, please include your Railcam username in any correspondence.



As mentioned above, we are delighted with the outcome of the new site, but this total rebuild has come at a cost, and to reflect that we have a new structure to our supporters packages, The prices will be as follower,


12 months Railcam Supporter Package - £20

6 months Railcam Supporter Package - £12

3 months Railcam Supporter Package - £7


Many of our members choose to donate over the minimum price for a Supporters Package, and we will also have the option to ‘Just Donate’ if you choose to. These donations are what fund all our costs, equipment and everything associated with installing and maintaining our site and cameras. We have plenty more in the pipeline including a very exciting partnership coming very soon….. Watch this space!


Railcam Supporters gain access to many additional live cams, our extensive Live Signalling Diagrams and our very own Railcam Data system which features countless options useful to cam viewers, rail enthusiasts and photographers alike.



We hope you enjoy the new Railcam experience and we would love to hear your thoughts once you have had chance to have a look around the site.